“Mindfullness” primarily serves as a supplement to help with relaxation, leading to a healthy management of stress and emotions. It has the ability to help with other conditions depending on dosage/recommendation from a physician and/or naturopath.

10 ml relaxation liquid supplement - 15 ampoules per box - Peach Flavor

Take supplement as is, or mix it with a bottle/glass of water to enjoy it as a great tasting beverage!


5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) 

Widely used to help with obesity, PMS, migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia and addictive behaviour; 5 HTP increases production of serotonin. Serotonin levels in the nervous system are essential for so many aspects of our daily lives. Serotonin is responsible for feelings of well being, satisfaction and for normal sleep patterns

L Theanine

A natural anti-anxiety supplement that is contained in tea leaves; it is a component of green tea, which is known for its many health benefits. Benefits include being a mood enhancer and stress reliever without causing sleepiness or drowsiness. When people are under too much stress and anxiety, they can become depressed, experience a loss of well-being.


Passion flower, also known as passiflora, is a nourishing and healthy fruit grown in tropical and subtropical regions.  It has been widely used as a medicinal herb to alleviate sleep and nervous disorders in tropical countries and Native American cultures, and has become a popular treatment for insomnia and anxiety in Europe.


Magnesium is required for the proper growth and maintenance of bones. Magnesium is also required for the proper function of nerves, muscles, and many other parts of the body.


Potassium is a mineral that's crucial for life. Potassium is necessary for the heart, kidneys, and other organs to work normally


Made in QC, Canada, our development and manufacturing partners performed the necessary research to ascertain the best and most reputable active ingredients available so we can meet the demand and needs of our target market. We examined the most serious studies, as well as product monographs issued by Health Canada, to insure the efficacy of the selected ingredients. The dosage of active ingredients is always calculated according to the minimum and maximum amounts recommended in the product monographs and regulations of Health Canada. Numerous trials follow this step to achieve a perfect balance between the active ingredients and non-medicinal ingredients.

Natural Product Number (NPN): 80054952