STEP 1: Open 1 ampoule (10ml of peach flavour liquid supplement) 
STEP 2: Insert ampoule contents in either a glass OR a bottle of water (HOT, COLD or SPARKLING) and gently stir
STEP 3: Consume 30 mins prior to stress reducing activities in order to enhance your experience
    ÉTAPE 1: Ouvre 1 ampoule (10ml de supplément liquide saveur pêche)
    ÉTAPE 2: Insérer l'ampoule dans un verre OU bouteille d'eau (CHAUD, FROID ou PÉTILLANTE) 
    ÉTAPE 3: Consommer 30 mins avant un activité qui réduit le stress pour augmenter votre expérience



    Evaluate the effectiveness of our supplement live with our friends at Muse and their brain sensing headband. Monitor your stress levels decrease through simple meditation exercise accompanied by our great tasting supplement.

    We are proud affiliates with Muse Technology and are being compensated for our affiliation.

    Enhance your experience during the following activities...

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